Vortex flowmeters

The vortex principle is based on sensing the vortex formation that occurs behind a body, which is inserted into a liquid or gas stream. All Vortex flow meters thus have an obstruction called a «bluff body», which ensures that an alternating flow of vortices is formed.

The distance from the center of one vortex to the next is called the wavelength, and is directly related to the diameter of the bluff body design. In a Vortex flow meter, the bluff body and housing are designed so that the frequency of the vortices is directly proportional to the flow rate.

Klinger LUGB

Klinger LUGB is a Compact Vortex Flowmeter  in industrial design for measuring liquid, gas or steam. 

The Vortex Meter acts as a gas and steam meter – with no change other than an adjustment of the transmitter gain – a setting that is usually made at the factory, but otherwise is simply a matter of moving a switch. The basic equation for the measurement principle does not include any ‘media data’, which is why you can wet calibrate all meters during manufacture and simply use a simple electronic adaptation to other media.

  • Samme flowmeter can be used to Liquid-, Gas- and Steam
  • Dimensions from DN15 up to DN300
  • Can be delivered with integrated Pre